General Legal Services

General legal services providing a range of civil, family and criminal law matters, including but not limited to employment law, traffic matters and more.

Cairns Mental Health Legal Service

The Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc has commenced provision of the Cairns Mental Health Legal Service.

Discrimination and Human Rights Legal Service

Legal services for people with a disability, who have been treated unfairly or discriminated against because of their disability.

Consumer Law Service

The Consumer Law Service (CLS) is operated by the Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc. It provides legal advice on a range of consumer matters including credit, product / service disputes and more.

Family Law Service

The Family Law Service (FLS) is operated by the Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc. The FLS provides legal advice work in relation to family law children’s matters.

Seniors Legal & Support Service

The Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) is operated by the Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc. The Centre employs both a Solicitor and Social Worker to provide the SLASS.

Domestic & Family Violence Duty Lawyer Service

The Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc (CCLC) commenced provision of the Domestic & Family Violence Duty Lawyer Service in October 2015.


Cairns Community Legal Centre may assist people who are experiencing disadvantage, have a legal problem we are able to assist with and live in the geographical area covered by the Centre.

We provide information and referrals, legal advice and in some circumstances, ongoing casework assistance.

To access our legal services simply contact the Centre for an appointment. We can be reached on phone (07) 4031 7688 or 1800 062 608.

If you are wanting to see the DVDLS solicitor at the DV Court on Thursday, come to the Cairns Magistrates Court. No appointment is necessary.

Sometimes the Centre will be unable to help. For example we may have a conflict of interest, be fully booked or otherwise unable to assist with your enquiry. If this happens the Centre will do its best to provide you with a referral to another organisation.

Please note, services not provided by Cairns Community Legal Centre include: trade marking, intellectual property, copyright, immigration; native title; personal injuries; commercial work, such as mortgaging, leasing, buying or selling businesses or houses. There are just some examples. There may also be other work the Centre does not do or circumstances where it cannot help.

For more information, contact us today.

General Legal Service

The General Legal Service offers legal services across a range of areas of law.... more info

Disability Discrimination Legal Service

Have you been treated unfairly because of your disability and/or your association with someone who has a dsiability. Contact us for specialist advice.... more info

Cairns Mental Health Legal Service

On an Involuntary Treatment Order? Need help with an ECT Application? Other mental health legal problems? The Centre can help.... more info

Consumer Law Service

Contact the Centre for specialist consumer law advice regarding a range of topics and situations including, but not limited to: faulty products, trouble with service providers, being ripped off and more.... more info

Family Law Service

Want to sort out your family law children's matters without going to court? Contact the Centre to see if we can help.... more info

Seniors Legal and Support Service

The Centre offers legal and social work support for the benefit of seniors affected by or at risk of elder abuse or financial exploitation.... more info

Domestic & Family Violence Duty Lawyer Service

The Centre also offers a DVDLS for men - both aggrieved and respondents. Come to the Cairns Magistrates Court. The Centre is there each Thursday.... more info

Community Education

The Centre provides community education for a large range of groups. It is delivered through seminars, talks, stalls, articles and/or workshops. ... more info


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