Online Appointment Bookings

The Centre is pleased to announce the commencement of its new online booking system. This enables clients to start their booking process online.

Why use the online booking system?

The online booking system is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This therefore allows clients to start their booking with us at any time.

If our phone lines are busy during business hours, clients can also start their booking online instead.

How do clients make an online booking?

To start an online booking, clients can simply go to the “Booking Appointment” button on our website

Once we receive an online enquiry, we then contact the person enquiring to complete their booking. This involves us doing some final checks to ensure we are able to see the person about the matter they are enquiring about.

What if I still want to talk to someone to make my booking?

If clients prefer to speak with one of our staff to book an appointment, this can still be done by calling us as usual on 1800 062 608. Clients don’t have to use the online booking system if they don’t want to.


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